Local Authority Services

Local Authority Services assists people with developmental disabilities in determining eligibility and providing assistance in accessing medical, social, educational and other appropriate services and supports that will help an individual achieve a quality of life and community participation acceptable to the individual. They also assist with enrollment into Medicaid waiver programs, placement activities and permanency planning. Services are funded by Medicaid, General Revenue, and co-pays based on a sliding scale fee.
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Services Include:


Intake services are the contact point for information and services regarding Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. A Determination of Eligibility must be completed to determine a Diagnosis of Intellectual Disability or a Related Condition. This process must be completed prior to the individual's enrollment into services. A Determination of Eligibility is completed by a Camino Real psychologist. To make an appointment or to receive additional information, contact the Essential Services Intake Worker at (210)-357-0300.

Service Coordination and Service Authorization & Monitoring

Service Coordinators assist individuals in gaining access to medical, social, educational and other available services and supports that will help an individual achieve a quality of life and community participation acceptable to the individual. Service Coordinators develop a Person Directed Plan that reflects the desires and goals of the individual. Service Coordinators assist the individual in identifying their goals through screening, assessing, service planning, monitoring for satisfaction of services, resource authorization, and crisis intervention as needed. The Service Coordinator focuses on services that are identified in the individual's plan and make appropriate referrals for services. Services are comprehensive and individualized and are provided at a frequency and intensity necessary to maintain successful community living.

Enrollments and Continuity of Services

Camino Real provides enrollment services for individuals into the Home and Community Based Services (HCS) and Texas Home Living (TxHmL) waiver programs. Camino Real also provides monitoring, coordination, and placement activities for individuals of State Supported Living Centers, State Mental Health Facilities, Nursing Facilities and community group homes.

HCS Providers

Camino Real Local Authority assists individuals enrolling into the Home and Community Based Services (HCS) program with locating a provider. HCS provides essential services and supports so that individuals of all ages can continue to live with their families or in their own homes in the community. By contacting the numbers listed below, you may find out more about the service providers that have designated Camino Real as an area that they serve. This list is updated quarterly.

HCS Provider List


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